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7:00 am, Not My Golden Hour

January 9, 2010

Among photographers, the time of sunrise and sunset are know as Golden Hours, meaning the best hours for best lighting. Personally, I am not a huge fan of waking up before sunrise. I’ll leave you to determine if these pictures were worth it.

Friday Morning

Using a low aperture, I reduced the depth of field and allowed the texture of the cup to really stand out. I really like the reflection of the red cup on the white inside.

Outside Acorn Coffee Shop, this man found me while taking pictures of his car and offered to pose while opening the frozen door. Before sunrise, it was difficult to hold the camera steady enough and to let enough light in to capture him, but I was able to create a silhouette.

Happiness in a Milkshake

In Skid’s restaurant in Elon, NC a mother gave me permission to take pictures of her family having breakfast. The side light on this girl’s face and her expression made for a great photograph.

I selected this picture because I like how the lines pull your eye to where the sun hits the bench.

Elon University‘s famous Alamance building is frequently photographed, but I chose the picture because I liked the shadows of the trees on the building and the perfect blue sky.

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