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Battle of the Sexes

January 18, 2010

For this weekend’s photo assignment, I had to practice street photography.  Although the photos that are typically categorized as street photography are often candid, and the photographer should be unnoticeable, I learned in some cases it is necessary to ask permission.  This especially applies when photographing children.

While working on my assignment, I came across a toddler and her father in the park.  She had bursts of energy that would give life to any photograph.  When I asked her father if I could photograph her for my school project, he gave me permission, but informed me that had I been a male he may not have been so willing.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that females, more often than not, are safer and less malicious human beings. Perhaps it is the maternal nature of women that eased this parent’s mind, or that the media features female perpetrators less frequently.  Whatever the reason may be, this man appeared to have no problem disclosing his concern, and I was not surprised by his statement.

It is unfortunate that men are stereotyped as violent beings, and I hope none of my classmates had any trouble with this assignment.  Still, I am going to reap the benefits of being female.

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