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Purity: The Lost Art

January 18, 2010

After watching the documentary, Grey Gardens, by David and Albert Maysels, I realized the purity of their work and the ancient value of objectivity.

In this 1975 documentary, the two brothers, although they spoke to the characters, did not pose questions and direct the conversation.  Instead, they simply followed the mother-daughter pair through their daily lives and allowed the story to take its own course.  Without the question and answer dialogue, the viewers could still grasp the women’s inability to accept that they will forever live with unfulfilled dreams.

Even though the Maysels’ purity often led to unfocused frames and jerky motions, they still captured their characters untainted, allowing the characters speak freely and the audience to draw their own conclusions.

As an aspiring journalist, I appreciate the objective presentation of Big Eddie and Little Eddie Beale.

Presently, it is naive to believe that objective journalism still exists.  With news stations such as Fox and MSNBC, it is evident that the days of unbiased reporters are slowly diminishing.  Subjectivity and slant now accompany every story.  Sadly now, a whole story can never be found in one place.

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