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When Technology Fails

January 18, 2010

As part of a recent assignment, I had to interview a classmate and create a short video clip featuring that classmate and her work. In my head, the process to completing this video project seemed simple. We had times set to meet up and work together, we thought about how to set up the lighting,  we knew the questions we were going to ask, we familiarized ourselves with how to set up the camera and the tripod, and looked over our notes about uploading the video. Unfortunately we did not expect so many malfunctions.

Between the broken microphone during the interview and the music that failed to download, I did not expect to spend as many hours working on this project as I did.

Entering college, I aimed to be a reporter and believed my largest task would be covering a story due in a few hours.  Still, in that case I would quickly take notes, type up the article, and viola, I would have completed my assignment.  But as more news organizations look for mojos (mobile journalists), individuals are expected to do it all.

Lesson learned: leave ample time for technology to fail, devise a way to fix the problem, and continue working.

Welcome to the Big Leagues.

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