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To the Moon and Back

January 19, 2010

Apollo 11 made it to the moon in 102 hours, 44 minutes, and 45 seconds.  Fortunately for you, you can get there in approximately 15 minutes.

We Choose the Moon, lets the average joe experience the journey with Armstrong and the rest of the crew.  With a photo gallery, multiple view points, voiceovers, and video, it feels like you practically leave Earth.

The graphics and interaction is incredible, so with a few mouse clicks you can be on your way and hear Armstrong say, “That’s one step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The progress in technology is astounding, and provides the ordinary with an opportunity to do the extraordinary.  40 years ago man touched moon, and now the sight is available to all.  Between leaving Earth and building an entire universe in cyberspace, there seems there is nothing humanity can’t do.

Let’s go back to the future.

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