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There’s a Fine Line Between Best and Worst

January 22, 2010

Last night the director (Micheal Stephenson) and star (George Hardy) of Best Worst Movie attended a screening of the documentary at Elon.

Both Stephenson and Hardy starred in what imdb (and a whole bunch of other critics called) the worst movie of all time, Troll 2.  Although the majority of the cast do not even admit to being in the film, and almost all of the cast cannot even tell you the plot of the story (rumor has it there are not even Trolls in the movie), Troll 2 has developed a cult like following among horror movie fans.

And that is what Best Worst Movie is about. Through Stephenson and Hardy’s travels the audience witnesses the praise from the fans, the ridicule from film critics, the scorn from the director, and the mixed reactions of the former actors. Although I am not a horror fan and I would never want to spend money on “the worst movie,” Stephenson’s documentary makes the audience, including me, eager to discover the hype surrounding Troll 2. I am curious what can make a movie, that even the actors can’t comprehend, so, well in some way, successful.

Was Troll 2 a blessing or a curse?  After watching the documentary you can decide, but remember: the best worst is still the best at something.

Here is the trailer to the Best Worst Movie:

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