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10 is the Magic Number

February 11, 2010

The 2010 Census Road Tour Bus made a stop at Elon University, promoting "Portrait of America", a program to raise awareness of the 2010 Census. Photo by: Melissa Kansky

What does the start of a new decade mean to you? Just another ten years? A new fashion style? A sign of age? What about the census? 10 new questions? In just 10 minutes?

During the last census I was eight years old and free of responsibility, but the year 2010 requires that I, along with almost every other college student, complete the census. Unfortunately, most students are unfamiliar with the process or assume that their parents will count them on their own form. What many may not know is that the census counts individuals according to their residency as of April 1st. For most students this means that their own location does not match their parents’. Therefore, it is our civic responsibility to fill out our own census.

To assist Elon students with the process, the Bateman Team, a PR group at Elon invited the 2010 Census Bureau to visit the university and to inform students about the importance and significance of the questionnaire. To learn more about the census you can watch the video and read the article posted below that I wrote for The Pendulum.

A Portrait of America: The 2010 Census

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