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A survey of Elon community’s thoughts on the iPad: Broadcast format

April 19, 2010

PDF: Version: ipad story

Show Gibbons sitting in Acorn talking

—SOT (Gibbons)—

“It’s a glorified ipod touch”


Jumpt cut. Show Myers working on a paper in Acorn talking

—SOT (Myers)—

“I’ve heard about it, but I don’t even know what it is.”


Jumpt cut. Show West sitting in the dinning hall talking

—SOT (West)—

“The ipad is a giant ipod touch.”


Jumpt cut. Show Burnette outside McEwen dining hall talking

—SOT (Burnette)—

“I am computer illiterate. I don’t know a thing about new gadgets.”


Jump cut. Show Phillips sitting at her desk talking

—SOT (Phillips)—

“It’s just a larger version of the iphone, but you can’t make calls with the ipad…right?”


Jump cut. Show Anderson standing in front of her Media Writing class talking.

—SOT (Anderson)—

“I really believe that of all devices to come out these past decades it is similar to the personal computer in terms of how revolutionary it is.”


Ipad starts small and gradually enlarges until it fills the whole screen.


Ladies and Gentlemen, you guessed it. They are talking about the ipad phenomenon that has been sweeping America, even long before its release on Saturday.


Show lines of people outside the Apple store

—SO (Burnett)—

“I don’t know a thing about it, but on the news someone waited 20 hours for it.”

—SO (Anderson)—

“It’s a portable device. It’s cheap. It simplifies access to information.”


Show reporter standing outside McEwen dinning all with campus in the background.

—Stand-Up —

While 300 thousand people race for Apple’s latest product, there are those who believe that this innovation falls short of practical use.


Show people using the ipad in the Apple store.

—SO (West)—

“It is over-priced for a 32 gig model with 3-G coverage and you end up having to pay 800 and 37 dollars.”


Show reporter


Besides for the price, Elon University students do not envision the ipad’s domination on campuses.


Show images of the ipad next to an image of the lap top. Side-by-side images of people using both products.  And side-by-side charts comparing the practicality and uses of each.

—SO (Gibbons)—

“In the state it is in now it doesn’t seem like it can supplant the laptop.”


Despite the new release, consumers are already looking for improvements.


Pan the various applications options Apple offers.


“I think it can be moved more in the direction of a computer like the ability to run more than one program at a time and include a camera and microphone to use Skype.”


Show key pad


The users’ inability to type for long periods of time also contributes to students’ reluctance to purchase the new gadget.


Show West sitting in McEwen talking

—SO (West)—

“Quite honestly, I am a little confused about who Apple was targeting. Skyping has become such a universal business tool, so I don’t think it would be a great thing for business people to have… It’s a first attempt at something so I wouldn’t buy it.”


Show Baker sitting at her desk doing the chopping motion

—SOT (Baker)—

“There’s this great commercial where this guy says everything you can do with an ipad and he says you can chop your vegtables with it.”


Anchor Live at desk with image of ipad over his left shoulder

—Anchor Live—

While some are waiting for the next big thing, thousands are still eager to fiddle with Apple’s latest technology.

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