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August 31, 2011

Although my positions on The Pendulum have been limited to multimedia editor and assistant news editor, I still had the opportunity to contribute to a variety of sections. In fact, I accomplished my goal last year and wrote for every section of the student newspaper. An incident regarding a video produced by University Relations titled “Celebration of Lights” prompted me to write an editorial regarding multiculturalism on campus.

Today I learned that the staff editorial “Multiculturalism: see beyond the surface” won an honorable mention for Editorial/Opinion Writing from ACP, the Associated Collegiate Press. Earlier this year the piece won second place for editorial writing at the Spring 2011 National College Media Advisers Convention. It is always nice to be acknowledged for your work and know that someone found value in your writing. Thank you to the rest of The Pendulum staff for support throughout the past two years, and thank you to the former opinion editor, Ashley Jobe, for help with the specific editorial piece.

ACP will release Pacemaker Finalists later this week. Let’s see what else is in store…

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