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The documentarian

September 1, 2011

In a few days I will land in Madrid, Spain and begin my semester abroad. As an international studies major I am looking forward to immersing myself in another culture and history. I also understand the positive relationship between travel and journalism.

A publication’s success lies in its ability to transfer the reader to another corner of the universe. Matthew Brady’s photographs brought the American public to the front line of the Civil War; Edward R. Murrow’s listeners had a ticket to the bombings in Britain; and, on a lighter note, Louisa May Alcott allowed me to accompany Jo March to the Weekly Volcano Press. In order for the author to effectively and accurately portray a human, place or idea, she needs to envelop herself in the stories’ history and voices.

A reporter’s primary duty is to accurately depict the sources and situation; comprehension and experience enhance a journalist’s abilities to truthfully describe people and places. It quells stereotypes and ethnocentrism and more effectively bring the reader into any pocket on the globe. Throughout my time abroad I will be documenting my experiences and travels in my blog titled Monster Windmills and other Adventures; The Adventures of Don Quixote served as the inspiration for the title. I look forward to seeing where this semester will take me.

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