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Top 5 Twitter accounts for journalists to follow

October 8, 2012


This Twitter account is extremely helpful for quick tips on proper AP style format. The best part is you can tweet at the account (@APStyleBook) to ask the editor the correct way to write specific details or statistics. You can participate in APStyleChat to get interesting tips that improve your writing and impress the professionals.


Want to stay informed about new technology and effective ways for journalists to use the Web? Then follow 10,000 Words’ Twitter account. There are links to numerous articles about digital tools and how to attract your intended audience.

Columbia Journalism Review (@CJR)

In order to stay knowledgeable about the journalistic world, professional reporters’ coverage and award winners, follow @CJR. This Twitter account directs to you to admirable journalistic work. As election season is heating up, there are a bunch of links that show how the professionals are covering the Presidential debates and the campaign season. If you are looking for role models and good examples of coverage, check out these tweets.


There is so much going on. The Daily Beast covers the breadth of world events. The account provides readers with a concise descriptions, essentially “cheat sheets,” of national and international issues. In order to stay informed about hot topics, follow @TheDailyBeast. This is especially useful for student journalists who want to localize international occurrences and any media consumer interested in the world in which she lives.


If a photo is worth 1,000 words, it better say something. All photos displayed here capture engaging stories. NYTLens features photos that bring the audience into the scene and effectively communicate stories visually. The photos presented not only inform the audience, but also inspire. This is a great account to follow for individuals interested in photography and for journalists aiming to improve their use of multimedia elements.

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  1. andersj permalink
    October 8, 2012 6:36 pm

    It’s great to see you thinking visually. The logos really add a lot to your excellent list. Nice work and you did it quickly and efficiently. Once again – and I know this happens often because you are so prolific and you work fast – you have misspelled words here and there. You should carefully copy edit all of your work and look for words with missing letters. Remember that this happens to you often and try to do a better job of taking just a few more seconds to really carefully look to see if there are typos before pushing that “publish” button!

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