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Hello readers!  As you already know, my name is Melissa Kansky.  I am a senior at Elon University and a print/online journalism and international studies major. This blog began as a class requirement when I was a freshman at Elon. For my winter term class, I enrolled in digital media convergence.  The purpose of the class is to learn how to creatively tell a story through video, photography, writing and a combination of the three.  On this blog I have posted and commented on my assignments and completed projects.

When winter term ended I continued to use my blog for my media writing class. During the spring semester I posted comments on assigned reading. I also uploaded articles I had written.

I now continue use this blog as a way to display my journalistic work. My portfolio includes videos I created to accompany print articles as well as print articles that have been published in The Pendulum and The Times-News. I have also been a member of the documentary team for Imagining the Internet, reporting on the Internet Governance Forum in Washington, DC. My portfolio also contains my written and video work from the conference.

Throughout my time at Elon I have also maintained a blog narrating my travels while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, and I created a blog that served as a curation for information about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for my Editing and Design course.

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