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Success awaits on top of the worldFish paleontologist explains the connection between sea animals and humans

Comedic play shows the power of a name: Elon University’s presentation of ‘N*W*C*’ challenges ideas of stereotypes

EFFECT brings taboos to the stage: Elon student organization produces ‘The Vagina Monologues’

Nicholas Kristof provides a lens into a world of turmoil: NY Times columnist encourages Elon community to do good

Predicting a whole new world: Elon professor, Director of Pew Internet survey the future of the Internet

March’s Winter Wonderland: North Carolina experiences unusual weather

Elon board discusses traffic issues and 10-year-plan: Pedestrian improvements include LED lights, loss of parking spaces

Crime report, four stories: Frequent robberies continue throughout Burlington; Two wounded, five involved in crash; Elderly woman missing from Burlington home; Armed felon jeopardizes safety of cab driver and police force

Neil Shubin explains the similarities between fish and human bodies

Students Translate Ideas into Products: Elon University Supports 3 Primary Student News Organizations

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